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Course Requirements

The course requires some knowledge of programming language as a pre-requisite.

Course Description

The course describes about basics of python programming through which you can learn to use python for various applications. The data structures and practical exposure to the language are given explicitly.

Course Outcomes

After this course, you will be skilled to write codes in python for various applications.

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction to Python Basics
7 mins
1 Python Variables and Keywords
7 mins 50 secs
1 Python Strings and Operators
16 mins
1 Python Boolean Variables and Lists
12 mins 29 secs
1 Python Tuples, Dictionary and Sets
12 mins 6 secs
1 Python Functions
5 mins 14 secs
1 Python Conditionals and Loops
7 mins 45 secs
1 Python Classes, Objects and Inheritance
10 mins 48 secs
1 Types of Inheritance
6 mins 3 secs
1 Python Modules, Regex and File Handling
8 mins 47 secs
1 Python Assert, Exception, Eval, Zip Functions, Datetime
9 mins 21 secs
1 Python Use Case 1 - Nutritional Recommendations
13 mins 42 secs
1 Python Use Case 2 - Spell Check ShortWord Expansion
8 mins 52 secs
1 Python Use Case 3 - Speech Recognition
10 mins 42 secs
1 Python Use Case 4 - Unemployment Covid19
8 mins 50 secs



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Basics of Python Programming


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